Stamped Steel Leaf

LV-10002 5-Leaf Spray 3"HQuick View
  • LV-10002 5-Leaf Spray 3"H

LV-10002 5-Leaf Spray 3"H

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LV-10393 Triple Leaf 2"WQuick View
  • LV-10393 Triple Leaf 2"W

LV-10393 Triple Leaf 2"W

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LV-10423 Triple Leaf 1-1/2"WQuick View
  • LV-10423 Triple Leaf 1-1/2"W

LV-10423 Triple Leaf 1-1/2"W

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LV-10638 Pierced Leaf 3"HQuick View
  • LV-10638 Pierced Leaf 3"H

LV-10638 Pierced Leaf 3"H

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LV-11262 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-3/4"HQuick View
  • LV-11262 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-3/4"H

LV-11262 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-3/4"H

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LV-11274 Oak Leaf 2-7/8"HQuick View
  • LV-11274 Oak Leaf 2-7/8"H

LV-11274 Oak Leaf 2-7/8"H

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LV-11275 Oak Leaf 3-1/2"HQuick View
  • LV-11275 Oak Leaf 3-1/2"H

LV-11275 Oak Leaf 3-1/2"H

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LV-11327 Rose Leaf Spray 3-5/8"HQuick View
  • LV-11327 Rose Leaf Spray 3-5/8"H

LV-11327 Rose Leaf Spray 3-5/8"H

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LV138-10 Rose Leaf 3-11/32"HQuick View
  • LV138-10 Rose Leaf 3-11/32"H

LV138-10 Rose Leaf 3-11/32"H

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LV138-11 Grape Leaf 2-3/4"HQuick View
  • LV138-11 Grape Leaf 2-3/4"H

LV138-11 Grape Leaf 2-3/4"H

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LV138-12 Maple Leaf 4-1/8"HQuick View
  • LV138-12 Maple Leaf 4-1/8"H

LV138-12 Maple Leaf 4-1/8"H

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LV138-13 Maple Leaf 7-5/8"HQuick View
  • LV138-13 Maple Leaf 7-5/8"H

LV138-13 Maple Leaf 7-5/8"H

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LV139-3 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-11/32"HQuick View
  • LV139-3 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-11/32"H

LV139-3 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-11/32"H

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LV139-5 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-15/16"HQuick View
  • LV139-5 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-15/16"H

LV139-5 Curved Acanthus Leaf 3-15/16"H

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LV139-6 Rose Leaf 2-3/4"HQuick View
  • LV139-6 Rose Leaf 2-3/4"H

LV139-6 Rose Leaf 2-3/4"H

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LV140-1 Rose Leaf 2-1/8"HQuick View
  • LV140-1 Rose Leaf 2-1/8"H

LV140-1 Rose Leaf 2-1/8"H

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LV140-2 Rose Leaf 2-7/16"HQuick View
  • LV140-2 Rose Leaf 2-7/16"H

LV140-2 Rose Leaf 2-7/16"H

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LV140-3 Rose Leaf 3-1/8"HQuick View
  • LV140-3 Rose Leaf 3-1/8"H

LV140-3 Rose Leaf 3-1/8"H

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LV702-1 Steel Leaf 4-5/16"HQuick View
  • LV702-1 Steel Leaf 4-5/16"H

LV702-1 Steel Leaf 4-5/16"H

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LV702-2 Steel Leaf 2-1/2"HQuick View
  • LV702-2 Steel Leaf 2-1/2"H

LV702-2 Steel Leaf 2-1/2"H

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